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Failed on Homework

September 21, 1986

I am writing in reference to the public hearing held Sept. 8 in La Jolla for the permitting of a research and demonstration incinerator plant at GA Technologies. I was appalled at the self-centeredness of my fellow citizens in their blind and emotional display of negativity on the idea of GA being able to use its small research combustor to market larger commercial incinerators, none of which would be located in the La Jolla area.

The problem of hazardous waste disposal is real; as we sit and argue about the emission of small amounts of hazardous fume--I understand the quantities are on the order of 0.001% hazardous waste in the fumes--waste containing 100% hazardous constituents are leaching into the ground, not only in San Diego but all over the country.

I strongly encourage the EPA to do all it can to permit GA's facility and allow us to start cleaning up the mess we have created. My personal residence is located approximately one mile downwind from the GA facility, and I strongly feel that the risk of small exposure I may receive from the small test burns planned is far outweighed by the potential risk I am exposed to by improperly designed dump sights or from the randomness of midnight dumpers.

I very much appreciate all the benefits I receive from products I use, whose manufacture creates hazardous wastes as a byproduct. I therefore feel the need to support the means in which these byproducts can be neutralized.

Therefore, as a responsible citizen, I cannot stand by and watch a viable solution to hazardous waste destruction be thwarted simply because some selfish citizens do not want this small incinerator in their neighborhood.

I implore the EPA to do whatever is possible to provide GA with a permit for this facility, so that we can start taking care of the environment we all want to protect.


San Diego

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