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The Truth and South Africa

September 21, 1986

So, the Republican women, hearing South Africa's consul general (Sept. 10), are convinced they have not learned the truth about that land!

Since most of the women support the South African regime, call Anglican Archbishop Tutu a "troublemaker" and consider South African dissenters "nothing but a bunch of radicals," perhaps it is not surprising that they now feel they have the whole picture from the consul.

Never mind that 18% of South Africa's population of 33 million enforce the non-voting laws and make certain that strict segregation is maintained in such areas as education and housing for the 82% of the population that is not white. Such facts of life in South Africa appear to be irrelevant to the good Republican women.

I recommend that this women's group, eager for education in world affairs, now tackle some other assignments:

- Learn all there is to know about the Marcos regime in the Philippines, straight from Ferdinand and Imelda, temporarily residing in Hawaii.

- Find out what really happened in Haiti from Baby Doc Duvalier, now in southern France.

- Become enlightened about the U.S.S.R. today, from any of the remaining members of the Russian royal family, scattered around Europe and the United States.

The possibilities are almost endless for a thorough education straight from the sources.


San Juan Capistrano

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