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Tour Guide

September 21, 1986

1 An adjustable proscenium opening, a "fly-away" orchestra shell and a backstage ceiling height of 110 feet give the stage great flexibility.

2 Star dressing rooms are on plaza level, adjacent to the stage; other dressing areas are downstairs on street level.

3 The 3,500-square foot "Black Box" doubles as a rehearsal space for performers and as theater seating for up to 350. The mezzanine allows observation from above.

4 The club room is a lounge for center supporters who made donations of at least $50,000 beforeJan. 1, 1986, or at least $100,000 after that date.

5 Public bar facilities, four in all, are located on each level of the building except thetop. Wines, mixed drinks, soft drinks and juices willbe served.

6 Lobbies are located on each of the center's five levels. On the upper levels, balconies allow audience members to step outside during intermission.

7 Ticket windows are located on the street and plaza levels. Most ticket holders will enter via the plaza, which is connected by pedestrian ramp to the 1,250- space Center Tower parking structure.

8 The circular driveway allows passenger drop-off with easy return to Town Center Drive.

9 A passenger-unloading lane leads limousine drivers into an entrance to the adjacent parking structure.

10 The grand staircase, its walls covered in beveled mirrors, connects all levels of the center. Four elevators are provided, to the left of the stairs.

11 The 3,000-seat main theater is marked by an asymmetrical seating arrangement and a novel approach to acoustics. (Fourth seating tier not shown.)

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