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PLOT PLAN : A guide to restaurants and hotels near the Performing Arts Center

September 21, 1986

South Coast Plaza

Full-service restaurants Back Bay Rowing and Running Club: 641-0118. Salads, soups

and sandwiches, priced from $4-6.50.

Bennigan's: Near May Co. in plaza parking lot, 241-8938. Lengthy and varied menu, with prices ranging from $3-12.

Forty Carrots: 556-9700. Light, health-oriented fare featuring salads, sandwiches and omelets. Entrees run $5-10.

Kaplan's Delicatessen: 540-9022. Deli-style restaurant and bakery. Most entrees priced $5-8.

Magic Pan: 556-1225. Crepes a specialty; menu also includes veal, chicken, seafood and pasta dishes. Dinner, $5-8.

May Co. Restaurant: 546-9321. Dinner, $4.50-6.

Nordstrom Cafe Express: 549-8300. Soups and salads, each less than $5.

Piret's: 556-6424. "Country French" cuisine. Dinners from $9-14.

Riviera Restaurant: 540-3840. Continental dishes. Dinner entrees average $16. Reservations recommended; dress code.

Pronto Ristorante/Trattoria Pino: 540-7095. Italian-style dishes. Dinners average $5-12.

20th Century Limited: 540-8822. From sandwiches and burgers to steak and seafood entrees. Full dinners run $8-15.

Vie de France: 557-1734. Bakery and cafe featuring light fare (soups, salads, sandwiches, croissants). Dinners average $5-8.

Self-service cafes and restaurants

Amato's Espresso Cafe: 549-0741. Sandwiches, variety of coffees.

Caffe Pasquini: 957-1221. Cafe-style, with Italian and seafood dishes. Dinner, $7.50-9.75.

La Baguette: 751-1266. Bakery and cafe. Sandwiches, $4-5.

Lettuce Patch: 545-8240. Salads, soups and sandwiches. Most items less than $5.

Salmagundi's: 549-9267. Soups a specialty; also serves sandwiches and salads. Most items less than $5.

South Coast Plaza Village

Antonello Ristorante: 751-7153. Italian cuisine. A la carte dinner entrees run $18-22. Reservations urged; jackets suggested for men.

Belgian Waffle Inn: 557-5186. Belgian waffles the specialty; sandwiches and hamburgers also served. All items less than $5.

Gandhi Indian Cuisine: 556-7273. Dinner entrees from $8.50-$22.95. Reservations suggested.

Good Earth Restaurant: 557-8433. Health-oriented fare. Prices average $5-8.

Restaurant Horikawa: 557-2531. Japanese cuisine. Dinner items run $10-23. Reservations suggested.

Reuben's: 979-3474. Steaks and seafood. Dinner, $8.95-19.95.

Upstart, Crow and Co.: 662-0727. Bookshop and restaurant. Dinner, $5-10.

Verdugo's Mexican Restaurant: 557-3701. Dinner entrees run $8-12.

Bristol Town & Country Center

Barclay Inn: 549-0296. Prime rib dinners $7.95 (Monday-Thursday) and $8.45 (Friday-Sunday and holidays).

Gin Ling Chinese Cuisine: 751-4666. All items less than $10.

Ham's Country Cookery and Bakery: 549-1051. Ribs, chicken, sandwiches and omelets. Dinner, $6-8; sandwiches, $3-4.

Jasper's Bar and Grill: 751-4604. Steak, chicken. Dinner, $5.95-7.95.

Numero Uno Pizzeria: 754-0133.

Red Robin Burger & Spirits Emporium: 432-1111. Burgers, $4-6.

Skinny Haven: 546-4011. Diet-conscious meals. Prices range from $2-6.

Other Restaurants in the Surrounding Area

1. Blue Sky Chinese Restaurant: 3855 S. Bristol, Santa Ana, 979-3427. Prices average $4-5 per item.

2. Bogie's Pizza: 3851 S. Bristol, Santa Ana, 966-6688.

3. Cafe Casino: 3300 Bristol, Costa Mesa, 751-2737. Buffet-style. Dinner special is $6.95.

4. Coco's Family Restaurant: 3811 S. Bristol, Santa Ana, 979-0092. Beef and chicken, salads, sandwiches. Dinner, $5-7.

5. Copa de Oro (and Club Copa): 633 Anton Blvd., CM, 662-0798. Mexican-continental cuisine. Dinner, $11-25. Club Copa features live jazz trio and dancing.

6. Giuliano's Delicatessen and Bakery: 3941 S. Bristol, Santa Ana, 994-4432. Sandwiches, $3-5.

7. John Pohl's Bistro: 655 Anton Blvd., Costa Mesa, 662-7530. Continental, seafood. Dinner prices start at $8.95.

8. Old American Courthouse Restaurant & Bar: 2 Hutton Centre Drive, Santa Ana, 545-1776. Three sections: The Supreme Court (dinner $13-23, jackets required for men); The Library (dinner $9-15), and a deli / lounge. Dinner reservations suggested.

9. Picante Mexican Restaurant:

580 Anton Blvd., Costa Mesa, 241-1281.

10. Plaza Garden: 3300 Bristol, Costa Mesa, 957-2644. From salads to veal and duck. Dinner, $5-17.

11. Red Onion: 101 E. Sandpointe Ave., Santa Ana, 556-7701. Mexican-style food. Dinner, $6-12.

12. T G I Friday's: 663 Anton Blvd., Costa Mesa, 540-2227. Large menu, with dinner entrees from $7-10.

Westin South Coast Plaza Hotel

Alfredo's Ristorante and Taverna: 540-1550. Continental food with Italian touch. Dinner, $12-22. Reservations suggested; jackets required for men.

Orange Grove Cafe: 540-2500. Coffee shop; most items less than $5.


A. Compri Hotel Newport

201 E. Sandpointe Ave.

Santa Ana

(714) 751-2400

B. Westin South Coast Plaza

666 Anton Blvd.

Costa Mesa

(714) 540-2500

C. Beverly Heritage Hotel

(scheduled to open late fall)

3350 Avenue of the Arts

Costa Mesa

(714) 751-5100

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