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Insights From Peace March

September 21, 1986

(Re continuing coverage of the Great Peace March by Kathleen Hendrix): There are striking parallels between the peace through appeasement movement of the 1930s and the so-called "Great Peace March for global nuclear disarmament."

Although the organizers have stated they want to dismantle nuclear weapons from all over the world, the reality is they are only concerned with and support efforts leading to unilateral disarmament of the U.S.

Marchers have engaged in civil disobedience at U.S. military installations and have attacked our defense industry while being silent about the Soviets.

Like their right-wing brothers of Hitler's time who wanted to pretend that what Hitler did was of no concern to America, the Great Peace March does not want Americans to look at the true menace of peace.

The Great Peace March group has not asked the Soviet Union to show good faith by leaving Afghanistan nor have they condemned the genocide going on where up to 1 million Afghans have died.

This so-called peace march is being used as a political smoke screen to trick naive Americans into working for unilateral disarmament and criticizing the United States' foreign policy. Although many people in the march truly believe they are walking for peace, they would be considered by Lenin as "useful idiots." Other members of the so-called peace march are not so altruistic. One marcher discussing Central America told me that the four American Marines killed by Communist PMLN terrorists in El Salvador deserved to die.

We would suggest to the people participating in this march that they use their energies toward helping the Afghans from being wiped out by the Soviets instead of walking to promote the false concept of peace through appeasement with the Soviets.



Citizens Against the Deceptive "Peace" March

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