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Life in a Posh Tower: Not All Is Dolce Vita

September 21, 1986

David Myers' article on Promenade Towers was far too kind.

Please visit us here on a warm, sunny California day and feel the heat in all common hallways. I am sure this is the only posh downtown tower that lacks air conditioning except in each apartment. Us yuppies get soaked from car to apartment.

Perhaps the reason the pool was deserted was due to tenants' unwillingness to face the heat on the way to the pool.

You made one error--tenants do not have valet parking (reserved for guests), yet we do have valet car retrieval with a waiting time of 20 minutes during morning rush hours. No freeway traffic, to be sure, but delays and short tempers nonetheless. Not to mention the additional parking fee for the opportunity to play bumper cars on the ramp ways.

Finally, a word about management. They lose checks regularly, can't balance their books and sprinkle the pool-area lawn on Sundays at 2 p.m. for their convenience.

Needless to say, we're on our way out, to blaze a new path in the downtown wilderness.


Los Angeles

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