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Support for United Way

September 23, 1986

The Times' editorial support of United Way is appropriate (Sept. 10), "Fresh Start."

I've been a supporter of United Way--and of one of its parents, the Community Chest, before it--for nearly half a century, having made my first contributions of pennies and nickels in elementary school fund-raising drives.

Thirty years ago, the Community Chest helped to pay for plastic surgery at Children's Hospital on my year-old son, effectively removing any trace of the harelip with which he was born.

As a full-time student and full-time factory worker earning $1.37 an hour, I was then--and have remained--grateful for the help I was able to get for my son. I'm pleased to have been able to show that gratitude through payroll contributions to United Way.

Our society's need for United Way's help is surely greater than ever before. I'm told that something like 2.8 million people in Los Angeles County and neighboring communities will be beneficiaries of public and corporate contributions to United Way this year. It would be wrong to punish the questionable judgment of perhaps a half-dozen individuals at United Way by denying help to the millions who desperately need that help.

Friends of United Way should increase their contributions this year as a sign of continued confidence in the agency's ability to do good and to help the approximately 50,000 volunteers in the 350 agencies supported by United Way to do their good work.


Woodland Hills

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