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Enrollment Procedure for 1987-88 Magnet School Year

September 25, 1986|BARBARA BRONSON GRAY

The following information is for those interested in enrolling a child in a magnet school for the 1987-88 school year:

"Choices," the brochures on the magnet schools, will be sent home with students in early March, 1987. They contain enrollment applications, maps and summaries of the magnet programs. The brochures will also be available at public school offices in the Valley and at public libraries. They are printed in English and Spanish, and partial translations are offered in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Armenian.

The application must be turned in by the third week of March, 1987.

Applications can be returned by postage-paid envelope included in the "Choices" brochure or may be hand-delivered to the district's central offices, 450 N. Grand Ave., Room G-353, Los Angeles.

Students may apply for any magnet program. Prerequisites are required only for the gifted and highly gifted schools and centers.

List second and third choices, if possible.

Priority points for the random-selection process are automatically assigned by computer as follows:

--Highest priority goes to students who have completed sixth or ninth grades in magnet programs that end at those levels and who wish to apply for seventh- or eighth-grade entry into another program. They receive 12 points.

--Students whose neighborhood schools are designated as over-crowded get four points.

--Students whose neighborhood schools are designated predominantly Latino, black, Asian or other nonwhite get four points.

--Students on the magnet waiting list for 1986-87 and/or the last two years get four points for each year.

--Students with a brother or sister in the same magnet school get three points.

Chances for enrollment in a magnet school depend on the number of openings for your child's grade. For specific information about courses and programs, call the magnet coordinators for the school; their numbers are listed in the "Choices" brochure. Parents are usually notified by late May of their child's acceptance or placement on a waiting list.

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