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Fishing Report

Albacore in Waters South of Morro Bay

September 26, 1986

A new mass of albacore has moved into waters south of Morro Bay, where 13 anglers caught 75 fish weighing up to 45 pounds Wednesday.

Morro Bay fishermen have been working waters 40 to 65 miles north of Morro Bay until early this week, when albacore appeared about 35 miles south of Morro Bay.

SAN SIMEON--49 anglers (2 boats): 2 ling cod, 78 rock cod, 257 red rock cod, 191 red snapper, 103 yellow bass.

MORRO BAY (Virg's Landing)--18 anglers (1 boat): 26 albacore.

AVILA BAY (Port San Luis)--25 anglers (2 boats): 45 albacore.

SANTA BARBARA (Sea Landing)--8 anglers (1 boat): 33 calico bass, 1 sand bass, 5 bonito, 80 mackerel, 78 rockfish.

VENTURA (Ventura Landing)--26 anglers (2 boats): 23 calico bass, 3 bonito, 1 ling cod, 27 red snapper, 1 halibut, 20 sand bass, 41 rockfish.

MARINA DEL REY--28 anglers (2 boats): 1 halibut, 9 calico bass, 12 sand bass, 180 rock cod, 30 mackerel.

REDONDO--13 anglers (1 boat): 45 bonito, 31 calico bass, 10 rockfish.

LONG BEACH (Belmont Pier)--13 anglers (1 boat): 1 sand bass, 8 bonito, 30 whitefish, 300 rockfish. (Queen's Wharf)--10 anglers (1 boat): 5 calico bass, 10 sand bass, 8 rockfish, 80 whitefish, 1 yellowtail, 50 bonito.

SEAL BEACH--19 anglers (1 boat): 209 rockfish, 13 sand bass, 12 whitefish.

NEWPORT (Newport Landing)--21 anglers (2 boats): 105 bonito, 18 bass, 186 rockfish, 32 mackerel. (Davey's Locker)--47 anglers (4 boats): 209 bonito, 1 yellowtail, 68 rockfish, 57 calico bass, 2 sand bass, 60 mackerel, 8 whitefish.

DANA WHARF--39 anglers (3 boats): 51 bass, 175 bonito, 1 halibut, 82 rockfish, 67 mackerel.

OCEANSIDE--18 anglers (1 boat): 4 calico bass, 16 sand bass, 14 bonito, 33 rockfish, 29 mackerel.

SAN DIEGO (H&M Landing, Fisherman's, Point Loma)--41 anglers (3 boats): 51 bass, 57 barracuda, 52 bonito, 68 rockfish, 38 mackerel. (Seaforth)--39 anglers (2 boats): 6 yellowtail, 3 barracuda, 137 bonito, 36 calico bass, 4 sand bass, 54 rockfish, 9 mackerel. (Islandia)--38 anglers (2 boats): 75 bonito, 1 sand bass, 155 rockfish, 21 mackerel.


The catfish fishermen at Lake Henshaw always believed the lake record for channel catfish, 22 pounds even, was light. They always suspected that there were bigger cats in the lake.

Now they are certain. A marine from Camp Pendleton, Jack Boardman, showed up last Sunday and established a record when he landed a 39-pound 8-ounce channel catfish. Boardman, fishing from the dock at the lake, used chicken livers for bait.

WILLOW BEACH--Good catches of rainbow trout reported by shore fishermen near hatchery and still-fishermen five miles below dam.

LAKE MEAD--Rough weather all week, light fishing pressure.

BULLHEAD CITY--Windy weather, very little boat fishing this week. Fair to good trout reports on lake, river for shore fishermen.

SALTON SEA--Good for sargo, tilapia. Orangemouth corvina spotty, with some success reported for Red Hill area. North areas best for sargo, tilapia.

LAKE CACHUMA--Good catfish action at the back of Santa Cruz Bay and the back of the island, on mackerel baits. All others slow.

LAKE CASITAS--Good bass, catfish reports. Some limits of planted rainbow trout this week.

CASTAIC LAKE--Some success with bass, trout. Good for catfish.

LAKE ISABELLA--Good fishing for catfish in Brown's Cove, Rabbit Island. Shore fishermen catching small bass. Trout, silver salmon this week at auxiliary dam.

IRVINE LAKE--Good week for catfish: Manuel Murillo, Santa Ana, 15-0 channel catfish with cut bonito. Crappie limits.

VAIL LAKE--Slow, all species.

LAKE SILVERWOOD--Striped bass in 20-pound class this week caught in Miller, Cleghorn canyons. Good for catfish with shrimp baits.

LAKE HENSHAW--Good catfish results with shrimp baits all week. Other species slow.

BISHOP AREA--Snow flurries, hard winds at lakes Sabrina, South, North. Kamloops trout from 13 to 15 inches reported caught at Pleasant Valley Reservoir. Lower Owens River running high, fast.

Trout Plants

A list of waters scheduled to be planted by the Department of Fish and Game, weather and road conditions permitting, by counties:

LOS ANGELES--Big Rock Creek, Castaic Lake, Pyramid Lake, San Gabriel River (East, West forks).

SAN BERNARDINO--Santa Ana River.

RIVERSIDE--Fulmor Lake, Hemet Lake.

SANTA BARBARA--Lake Cachuma.

VENTURA--Lake Casitas, Lake Piru.

INYO--Baker Creek, Big Pine Creek, Bishop Creek (Middle, South forks), Diaz Lake, Independence Creek, Lake Sabrina, Lone Pine Creek, Lower Owens River (Laws Bridge to Stewart Lane), Pleasant Valley Reservoir, Taboose Creek, Tinnemaha Creek.

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