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The U.S. War on Drugs

September 27, 1986

Voters beware. Your best intentions are being manipulated again.

Drug use is a problem. Society does suffer because of it (although not as much as the hysterics seem to suggest), but it is a problem best handled through education.

The legal war against drugs just makes them more profitable, while heavy-handed, Orwellian coercion feeds the rebellion that fuels its trade.

Moreover, mandatory drug tests fly in the face of constitutional protections against unreasonable search, and self-incrimination. Clamoring for the incrimination and ostracizing of those needing help is not very Christian behavior, anyway.

Yet here comes the President with this great program calling for all this and more. Well, his wife has been at education for years, while he has been cutting back on drug education outlays to fill the black hole of his deficit.

Drugs threaten our children? What about the deficit, of such a size now that our children shall be burdened by it all their lives? That is Ronald Reagan's deficit. What about the trade imbalance and shrinking industrial base that Reagan's huge tax cuts for the rich did not stem? What about the 22% of the nation's children growing up in poverty after all of Reagan's welfare cuts? What about the endless arms race, made even more dangerous by the lack of any serious direction in foreign relations? What about pollution, all those toxic waste dumps that have not been cleaned up? More than just drugs threaten our children.

Do not let that Great Manipulator sell you on an untried amplification of rehashed programs two months before election day, when so many other problems remain unsolved. Don't vote for new promises until these clowns are made to answer for the old ones. Demand full discussion of all areas of concern. There will be time for rational action after the elections.

Voters beware. Don't be fooled again. Make them earn their keep.

It's for your children.



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