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Reagan and Roosevelt

October 02, 1986

Barone does a fine job of putting Reagan on a level with Roosevelt. Superficially! Reagan came into office with an industrial complex second to none in this world already in place, regardless of the fact that inept management had, and continues, to let it disintegrate.

We spent 40 years building a structure of social concern, not only for our own but also for the many unfortunates of other nations, which Reagan is in the process of destroying, with the help of the party that designed it.

We spent tortuous years winning civil rights that were the basis, the reason for the birth of a new nation, and the Reagan Justice Department is in the process of disassembling them. Reagan has set out to destroy the notion of freedom and opportunity.

Roosevelt, on the other hand, had to reconstruct, had to design tools for the reconstruction and fortunately was able to persuade a reluctant Congress to help him in that reconstruction.

Franklin D. Roosevelt stands as a symbol for reclaiming our heritage, that of George Washington as the father of our country and Abraham Lincoln, also as a father, one who did so much to keep his family together when greed and hatred threatened to destroy us. That our nation, after the war was able to contribute most to the rebuilding of Europe and Asia, friend and foe alike, is a tribute to the strength, the concern and the ability of Franklin Roosevelt.

Please, don't ever speak of Ronald Reagan in the same breath!


Los Angeles

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