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'Black Paper' on the Homeless

October 02, 1986

Many "White Papers on the Homeless" have been published recently. Unfortunately these papers have had very little influence toward the solution to the problem.

I feel that the time has come to present a "Black Paper on the Homeless," particularly as it applies to the South Bay.

Over the past few months I have walked through several South Bay cities and find the homeless issue has not been realistically addressed.

Many people find adequate shelter in a wide variety of places. I have seen evidence of their camping along railroad rights of way. They find shelter in overhanging shrubs and bushes. There is an adequate supply of large cardboard cartons, old mattresses, sofas and junk furniture available so the homeless can protect themselves from the elements. Many empty pet food cans attest to the fact that the homeless are not going hungry.

Some people manage to sleep in our parks for prolonged periods of time before eviction by enforcement personnel. Some parks are more desirable than others because of restroom facilities and the park benches are made from soft wood. Another plus is the fact that many park visitors leave large amounts of tasty tidbits behind.

The most fortunate of the homeless are those who are able to take up residence near the beaches. They have made some nice dens, which, as a rule, escape detection. These abodes are much in demand because of their ready access to the garbage cans of some very fine eating establishments. It's not every homeless individual that can feast on steak, shrimp, roast beef and lamb, turkey and chicken every day. High-quality garbage is a top priority, and the South Bay provides it.

The homeless problem can very easily be solved. If we all discard better quality mattresses, clothes and other such non-essentials, improve the variety and quantity of the food we throw in the garbage, make certain that large shipping cartons and containers are not destroyed and install showers with hot water in public restrooms, ad nauseam.

I hope this "Black Paper" makes us all feel better because we "know" that the solution to the problem has finally been found. There is no problem!


Redondo Beach

City Councilman

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