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Hip Clock Watchers Are Getting Waisted

October 02, 1986

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Yes, and several times over. You see, those truly in the know have taken their watches off their wrists and have slung them over their belts. It's the hottest thing since the sundial.

But . . . isn't it a little difficult to know if you've reached your appointment on time if your timepiece is bobbing along hip-high?

"The watch is just a piece of jewelry, really," says one avid trend follower. "So, why not wear it as an accessory on the belt?"

Why not, indeed?

But some young hipsters really do think they're being both fashionable and practical at the same time. "You can read it if you turn the face up towards yourself," one young woman says. "Plus, if you wear a couple of watches on your wrist and one on your belt . . . well, if one breaks down, at least one's got to work."

All that may be true, but watch out for those watch wearers who belt their watches for purely neurotic reasons.

"Oh," one timorous man says, "I just can't stand to have anything strapped around my wrist."

And time marches on.

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