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The Carnage Continues at Child's Birthday Party

October 04, 1986

I have had it!

My 4-year-old son and I attended a birthday party recently for a little boy turning 5.

When I arrived, the presents had been opened and the children were running around the vast grounds shooting each other with Rambo M-16s, Rambo .45 revolvers and Uzi submachine guns.

The mothers sat around smiling and chatting, sipping diet colas as the hand grenades were thrown and the little tots killed each other off one by one.

As the carnage continued, my son looked at me as if to question if he too could go on a killing spree with his peers. The look I returned obviously answered his question and he hopped on a bike to ride alone.

Later, when I discussed this nauseating scene with a friend I was told that I was making too much out of it and would only emphasize my son's longings for a gun by depriving him of it.

Well, I've thought long and hard on the subject and have come to this conclusion. My son will not be allowed to own guns and those given him will be added to the meltdown sculpture created by a pal in Venice where all toys designed for the destruction of human life will meet a fiery end.

Parents have to take a stand. Our children can only look to us as examples, and if we advocate playing with killing objects we subliminally advocate killing.

The NO WAR TOYS slogan is not dead in this family and the lesson learned is love for humanity.


Los Angeles

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