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Nakasone's Remarks About Americans

October 04, 1986

We are in a country where all masses are molded as one, and because of our uniting ability we have been the strongest nation for many years.

Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone of Japan states that the intellectual ability of this country has declined because the minority masses--Spanish/Latino and black--are increasing, thus the country is losing its intellectual superior status. It only goes to show how ignorant outsiders can be. Spanish and black people are not intellectually inferior because they lack the ability, but because they lack the economical means to get themselves educated.

My heritage is of Spanish descent, and I've worked hard to get myself through college so I can increase my potential and broaden the opportunities for a better life; however, there aren't a lot of people who are as fortunate as I am. I am hurt, but what hurts me more, is that Nakasone created negative waves against his own people.

Here in Los Angeles and in Orange County, there are many people who are of Japanese descent who now must face resentment from hurt people like myself, even though they had nothing to do with his ignorance.

Nakasone is able to pack up and go home so whatever feelings he has hurt he can easily forget--"out of sight, out of mind"--but what about the Japanese who are left behind? People like myself aren't going to be able to look at an Oriental in the eye anymore without feeling hatred toward them.

Just because Japan has been able to produce compact cars, doesn't mean they are superior. Nakasone forgets that his compact cars are bought by the mass minorities who can't afford to buy bigger luxurious models. Because of the minorities' needs, Japan has economic strength. If Nakasone continues to patronize the people of this nation, he might just find himself keeping all those compact cars in his own country.



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