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A Reel Gas

October 05, 1986|Pat H. Broeske

When the folks at B. D. Fox & Friends Advertising took out a full page ad in Daily Variety for "Hot Rod Harlots" ("For immediate distribution--world wide rights available"), they had smiles on their faces.

"It was done as a joke--an advertisement for the company," said a company rep, who added, "The movie doesn't really exist."

But distributors from Universal to Crown International were fooled and have been calling for the rights--and now a film treatment's in the works (though without a deal).

Consider some of the possibilities, from the ad copy:

"When these back-seat Bimbos meet their roadside Romeos it's "touch 'n' go all the way!"

"The Shock-Absorbing Story of Society's Souped-Up Sinners!"

"Unwed! Untamed! Unleaded!"

Characters like "Driver's" Ed McDonald ("He tried to warn the fellas about those dangerous curves!"), "Used" Carlotta ("The Clutch Burner, she went too far, too fast!"), "Gasser" ("He was giving the girls service with a smile")--with music by the Hubcats.

Quipped art director Robert Biro, who's teamed on the project with free-lance writer-designer Mary Trainor, writing a treatment "can't be that hard, since everyone's doing it."

If and when it gets off the garage floor, it will need a new producer and director. Those mentioned in the ad--Axel Rodd and Otto Partz--don't exist, either.

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