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Scholarship Awarded

October 05, 1986

In December the Torrance family of Ben and Emma Aranda had just grown from seven to nine with the adoption of Carlos, 9, and Tania, 6.

It is now at 11, with the April adoption of Eric, 5, and Fred, 6.

"We just love kids," said Ben Aranda, who is the South Bay Municipal Court's presiding civil judge in Torrance.

The Arandas recently were named the Hispanic Family of the Year for Los Angeles County by Hispanic Family Recognition, a nonprofit organization created two years ago to promote family unity and cultural pride and to provide role models.

The Arandas also are candidates for the Great American Family, a nationwide contest.

Aranda said they appreciate the recognition, but appreciate even more the $5,000 scholarship that came with the award.

"We can use that money badly," Aranda said, noting that he now has two children in college--with nine to go.

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