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Time to Say Thanks

October 05, 1986

My wife and I are avid readers of your section every Sunday, save articles for future trips, save tips from readers for far-off places we might go to sometime, etc. I think it is time to compliment you all on the excellent material that is presented to us on such a regular basis.

We have just returned from our fourth successful international house trade that we would not have known about without your help. This one was in France, where we spent an enjoyable and safe three weeks, in the process using one of the reader tips that we had saved.

During our stay in France (our French is extremely limited) we were treated with kindness and help by everyone we met. It enabled us to survive finding lodging places, getting cars repaired on a late Saturday afternoon, ordering meals, etc. Here are two recommendations for fellow travelers:

France: Saint Jacut de la Mer just west of St. Malo on the north coast, Bretagne Hotel du Vieux Moulin. Family-run, 25 rooms. Room plus excellent five-course dinner plus breakfast, 416 francs ($62) for two. Lovely location in tiny coastal village.

England: Petham, Kent, just west of Canterbury, The Duckpit Farmhouse, a 14th-Century, three-room hotel with gourmet restaurant run by two delightful gentlemen. Room plus three-course gourmet dinner plus full English breakfast, 30 ($45) for two, a delightful experience.

Please keep up the good work.


Newport Beach

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