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Fed Up With Weak Whimpers

October 09, 1986

I am fed up with the weak whimpers of the left-leaning politicians and physical cowards that constantly attack our government's policy regarding Central America.

Little is ever said about the successes and brave efforts of El Salvador in defeating its internal enemies and the attempt of its president to get the Cuban-supported rebels to the peace table! Instead, all we hear is about "the hypocrisy of U.S. policy in Central America." Yet it was American policy that supported El Salvador and made their stand possible.

We always hear the "Not another Vietnam" refrain--and from the same people who helped defeat us there. Ask any vet of the war (except the chickens who made up a very tiny segment--and are not forming groups entitled "Vietnam Vets for . . .") and he will tell you that we fought with one arm tied behind us--probably because of gutless politicians. President Reagan isn't gutless and if we had to go toward combat you can be sure we would be there to win!

Not an easy victory like Grenada. Give me air support and the 101st Airborne and I'll take Nicaragua within three months. If Cuba gets involved I'd need the 82nd Airborne and perhaps a Marine division.

As for the Contadora group making peace, that is a laugh! Mexico, for one, can't run its own country, much less telling others how to run their country.

I'd like to know where are the men that defeated Germany and Japan? Where are the men that settled the West and made America the banty rooster of young nations? White liver and "civilized" attitudes won't win in Central America--or anywhere else.



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