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October 10, 1986

When Olivia Newton-John crooned "Waltzing Matilda" at the opening ceremony of the Victorian Football League in Melbourne, Australia, recently, it was no coincidence that she wore her Koala Blue boutique's new logo on her back. The logo shows a koala kicking a football inside the football league's emblem. OK, so it's only something Aussies would understand. According to Newton-John, the event is tantamount in importance to the Super Bowl here. Got that, mate?

Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Brady on "Days of Our Lives") is going for the gold. She attended a fashion show of designer Carol Patterson's evening clothes at Saks and bought three outfits that glitter, Patterson tells Listen. Evans chose a pleated skirt in gold lame to wear with a gold brocade blazer. She also chose a pair of black Charmeuse pants with a gold T-shirt and a floor-length gown with a gold brocade bodice and tulle skirt, explains Karon Christian who works with Patterson. Evans didn't mention where she planned to wear all that gold. But Christian suggests: "They're the kind of clothes you'd expect to see in an MGM musical from the '40s." Carol Patterson and her collection will be at Saks in Beverly Hills Nov. 20-22.

Hair-raising: The results of a survey conducted by Procter & Gamble show that most men in the country prefer women with blond hair that is shoulder length or longer (surprise, surprise) and that they like "a bit of curl" as well. However, it turns out that men in Los Angeles were of their own mind. According to the survey, printed in the Oct. 21 issue of Woman's Day magazine, while L.A. men still go for blonds, they like their wives and girlfriends in shorter lengths. In contrast, New York men view short hair as a "definite shortcoming."

Those into self-revelation will have a new message to show the world when a T-shirt that reads "Drug-Free Body" hits the stores. Junior sportswear line Cherry Lane of Melbourne, Australia, is coming out with this war-on-drugs fashion statement, which also will be affiliated with a trust fund to combat drug addiction. Two dollars from the sale of every $10 shirt will be donated to that fund, says a spokesperson for Cherry Lane, which will have its first 100,000 T-shirts out around Christmas in department stores and the Cherry Lane store in Beverly Center.

If the colors of the leading ladies' hair all look somehow similar in Blake Edwards' new comedy movie "That's Life," maybe it's because the actresses--Julie Andrews, Cynthia Sykes and Emma Walton--went to the same colorist before filming. Randy Doh, who just opened the Burton Way salon, says he gets credit for Walton's blond highlights, Sykes' red highlights and Andrews' touches of "red-blond." He says Andrews has been a client for about eight years, and her latest look is "a little more wholesome, not so flamboyant." No reflection on her. Doh blames it on the characters she plays.

Before lead guitarist Davy Johnston joined Elton John's latest concert tour, he went shopping for some new stage duds. Listen hears from leather-wear designer Clifford Olson that John suggested the back-up band wear shredded blue jeans and leather jackets. But Johnston wanted to be a little different. Olson styled shredded leather jeans, a tank top and a black leather tuxedo jacket to fill the bill. Then, for something really different, he says he covered the jacket with chrome car parts, hardware and bicycle reflector lights in red, yellow and green.

More leather love: Laker guard Magic Johnson thinks big, even when he's buying clothes. The other day at North Beach Leather shop he picked up a black leather suit with snakeskin lapels that had to be custom made for his 6-foot, 9-inch frame. We hear from the suit designer Clifford Olson that Johnson liked it so much he ordered seven pairs of baggy-style pants, some in suede, some in other leathers, and a blue suede jacket as well as a full suit in tan leather with trousers that snap off to become shorts. "He's such a nice guy; it took two hours to do a fitting that could have taken an hour," Olson tells Listen, because "everybody who came by knew him, even the deliverymen from UPS and Federal Express. He treated them all like family."

Move over Brooke Shields and the rest of you glamour-gussies who've already been interiewed on the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" TV show. Cindy Bloomfield has arrived . She's the designer for a local swimwear company, Bare Assets, and she tossed a party at Spago the other night while the international swimwear market was meeting and shopping for swimsuits in Los Angeles. Turns out the show's host, Robin Leach, was interviewing Spago owner Wolfgang Puck, and Bloomfield got into the act. Is she rich and famous? Maybe not, but she could be soon.

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