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Viewpoint / Letters : A Few Suggestions for Trivia Questions

October 11, 1986

Should we assume that the Morning Briefing person has come to the much-dreaded trivia impasse? Why else would Morning Briefing resort to such questions as, "What bar did Joe Namath relinquish part ownership of due to pressure from Pete Rozelle because of undesirable clientele?" Or, "Name the bar the N.Y. Mets had their latest scuffle in?"

If that's the best you can do, I would like to submit, for your consideration, a few questions of my own:

(1) There were 103,985 in attendance at Super Bowl XIV. Name them.

(2) How many over-the-hill, overpaid, injury-prone, underachieving quarterbacks have the Rams signed in the last six years? Hint: It's more than 10, fewer than 50.

(3) Who are the L.A. Lazers? What sport do they play? Where do they play it?

(4) Which sport is played on ice, has a season that lasts longer than basketball's, and allows every team into its playoffs if they can tie their own skates?

(5) Which L.A. sports team has trouble tying its own skates?



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