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The Bunny-eat-bunny World Of Cartooning

October 12, 1986

As the story-editor for the CBS Saturday morning series "Galaxy High School," I take great exception to Charles Solomon's characterization of our scripts as inane and mean-spirited ("Saturday Morning: Good and Bad," Oct. 2).

I also take exception to the myriad distortions of our show as presented in his review, but what I most object to is Solomon's condemnation of our show based on at most three scripts (if he has indeed deigned to watch that many).

To summarily dismiss the efforts of all our writers based on a very small sampling can only be regarded as the height of "mean-spirited."

I also object to Solomon's gleeful lambasting of animation writers for what they have no control over, namely, network domination of the scripting process.

Solomon should be well-aware of the problems; if he's not, I and my colleagues in the bunny-eat-bunny world of Saturday morning would be glad to enlighten him.

A "Toon-writer" and proud of it.


Los Angeles

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