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Views on Unarius

October 12, 1986

How unfortunate that in the interests of "objective" journalism, Mike Granberry has succeeded in painting such a sloppy portrait of the Unarius Academy and its founder, Ruth Norman. The article is filled with innuendo, fallacies and distortions.

I have been a student of Unarius for over 10 years. I did not come to the Unarius Center with drinking problems, nor was I some kind of social misfit. Granberry implied that Unarius appeals only to severe mental cases and alcoholics. It's simply not true. Unarius attracts individuals from all walks of life, many levels of education and various stages of spiritual development.

Certainly there are many students who have found a new balance in their lives by taking personal responsibility for their problems, as the Unarius Science teaches. Others have found their creative abilities opened to new levels as they free themselves from the shocks and blocks of past life traumas. This was true for me in my career as a journalist, television writer, director and editor.

I personally found freedom from the normal day-to-day anxieties and insecurities by facing them head on, with a careful, thoughtful, analytical approach to the various emotional states we all encounter.

The same is true for any sincere Unariun student. Yet I found no references to the profound principles of Past-Life Therapy in this article. Granberry's tunnel vision allowed for an extremely limited look into a most phenomenal understanding of the physics of reincarnation.

His blatantly obvious thesis was intended to convey a cultish picture of Unarius. According to Granberry's implications, Unariuns are supposedly all mental slaves to a charismatic guru.

Wrong again. You see, the more one really understands Unarius, the more one finds the opposite is true. If he had taken the time to talk to a few students in depth, or if he had attended just one of the many class lessons held at the Unarius Center, he would have seen the substantiation of the fantastic claims of Unarius.

Then there is the question of the so-called "experts" brought in to bring the all-important journalistic "balance." They have obviously never come near the center, have not read any of the Unarius texts and are many years behind the times in their awareness of the scientific elements of paranormal phenomena.

We welcome any and all "investigations" because Unarius is about self-discovery. The current-day critics will some day prove the validity of the Unarius Science by their investigations. They want proof. Fine. The proof has always been available to the open-minded seeker.

The discerning mind can see the sunlight of higher intelligence pouring through the clouds of obscurity Mike Granberry has created. The shapes of the clouds are apparent, but of little consequence, except to define the parameters of light.

Still, it is unfortunate. The Fourth Estate prides itself in its dedication to giving the public accurate information about the world. Here was an opportunity to tell the real story about Unarius and the wonderful physical and mental healings experienced by thousands of students through Past Life Therapy. But, alas, the press still doesn't get it!

Maybe next time . . .


La Mesa

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