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'A Likely Story' in Nicaragua

October 17, 1986

It seems that the Great Communicator is fast becoming the Master of Misinformation.

First he termed the contras of Nicaragua "freedom fighters" and the "moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers." This is an obscenity in itself.

Now he compares the mercenaries who are aiding the contras in an effort to overthrow an established government, with the men of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

The Lincoln Brigade was a group of about 600 American young men who went to Spain to lend support to a sovereign state to resist overthrow by forces led by the fascist general, Francisco Franco, in 1936.

Franco had the support of Hitler's Germany and Mussolini of Italy. The brigade was later disbanded and sent home.

I am surprised that Reagan does not equate the Nicaragua "heroes" with the American airmen who went to England to support the Royal Air Force against the Nazi blitz prior to America's entry into World War II. That may come next.

As his credibility erodes, Reagan's supposed amiability is turning to harshness.


Laguna Hills

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