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Enrile's Moves in Philippines

October 17, 1986

I fully agree with your editorial comment (Oct. 9), "Enrile Makes a Move," suggesting that Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile resign! Better still, he should be summarily dismissed together with some of the Marcos' holdovers who have curiously wiggled and leeched themselves in President Corazon Aquino's confidence.

These high-level, self-aggrandizing bureaucratic termites invariably represent the major chill factor that likely will prevent the full confidence of foreign and domestic investors in casting their lot with Aquino's call for economic progress.

Enrile's hard line against the Communists is merely a replay of the Marcosian propaganda that ultimately served and will still serve Enrile's warped personal interest. He damn well knows his country cannot survive a military solution to the insurgency problem. He got lucky the first time in having Gen. Fidel Ramos and the people's power save his hide--he won't if he tries to play Rambo against Cory!

The incredible escalation of the military engagements against the insurgents in his own province immediately after Aquino took over, coupled with his critically timed sniping at Aquino, solicits a justifiable suspicion on his design to undermine Aquino's chances of stabilizing matters. It may also be indicative of his increasing paranoia that justice shall finally catch up and thus expose him for the true scoundrel that he is.

Lest the world forgets, Enrile was the chief architect of his country's infamous martial law that spawned countless military atrocities that in turn gave birth to the so-called insurgents.

Enrile stands to remain the wealthiest ex-crony in his turf once Aquino's Commission on Good Government finishes off with the Marcoses and their cronies' wealth!

Enrile's self-serving act of contrition and heroics at Camp Aguinaldo was 14 years too late and is as fishy as the U.S. foreign policy that he still is subservient to.


Los Angeles

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