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News Holes

October 19, 1986

I am quite concerned and disturbed about the lack of coverage in your paper of the "Veterans Fast for Peace and Life" occurring in Washington. Charles Liteky, who recently returned his congressional medal of honor in protest against U.S. policy in Central America, and two other veterans began a fast for life and peace on Sept. 1. This fast, in protest of U.S. foreign policy in Central America, may lead to the deaths of those U.S. Armed Forces veterans.

Given that the majority of the U.S. public is against the funding of the Nicaragua contras, I am concerned that you have given the fast and the broader Central American issues behind it, such little coverage.

Local fasts are occurring in support of the veterans--one even in Santa Ana.

The Washington veterans fast.

Local fasts in support of the veterans.

The Central American issues--U.S. foreign aid to repressive regimes and terrorists--which are being protested.

Focus on contra attacks against the civilian population in Nicaragua and on abuses by the U.S.-funded Salvadoran armed forces.

Holes in your news coverage do not speak well for your newspaper. I urge you to completely cover both sides of the Central American issue.


Santa Ana

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