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Reagan-Grobachev Meeting in Iceland

October 19, 1986

Your editorial (Oct. 14) was right. President Reagan should have jumped at the chance to do away with all atomic weapons within 10 years.

If we can get rid of nuclear missiles in 10 years, then it's crazy to spend a trillion dollars on a "canopy" against them that can't be erected in less than 15 or 20 years. (And even supporters of the "Star Wars" canopy admit they don't know if it can ever work !

However, despite temporary failure to finally agree, we think Iceland was an unexpected success--almost beyond our and the world's dreams. Here's why:

American and Soviet leaders both admitted--eye-to-eye and publicly--that doing away with all atomic weapons in 10 years is a discussable and practical goal. And they have put that goal at the top of the agenda.

It's not likely the world, and we Americans, and the Soviet people are now going to let our leaders forget that for a minute!

It's time to use our common sense, and make sure our leaders use theirs. We cannot afford to say "No" to a chance to end the threat of atomic war. A chance that President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, in their public Iceland statements, have clearly shown us.



Pacific Palisades

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