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Fasting Protest at U.S. Capitol

October 20, 1986

This is written in response to and support of the Veteran's Fast for Life, protesting the U.S. intervention in Central America.

They have called for a spiritual transformation in America. I join them in their plea. I am convinced that countless other Americans would also join them.

I join them in their plea, because we are no longer one nation under God. We are one planet under God. Fear and power can no longer be the source of our actions in the world. Our quest for power has rendered us powerless in the race for nuclear superiority. Fear of other ideologies has rendered us blind and deaf, incapable of a vision for this planet that is large enough to embrace all humanity and all truths, wherever they be found.

We are living with the illusion that we have and are a "superpower" and that power is synonymous with strength. How powerful or strong did we feel after the non-military aftermath of Chernobyl? How powerful do we feel in the rush toward nuclear war, a nuclear winter?

In reality, if we would just stop--stop consuming, stop running, stop the frantic and futile escapisms which we use as a means to avoid looking too deeply, we would then be able to see ourselves as we truly are--powerless, frightened, and lost.

Perhaps with that kind of insight and honesty, with the elimination of arrogant posturings of illusioned power and assumed knowledge, humanity could open a space for wisdom and enlightened vision to emerge--a vision for all mankind, the "family of men" who in truth live on one planet with one life-support system, totally interconnected and interdependent.



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