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The Bottom Ten / Steve Harvey

So Once Again, The Boz Says It Just Ain't So

October 22, 1986|STEVE HARVEY


The football world continued to shake as Oklahoma's No. 7-rated Brian Bosworth, who had apologized for remarks about UCLA and General Motors (tying an NCAA single-season record for apologies), then retracted his statement that Napoleon Bonaparte should never have invaded Russia in 1812.

But the NCAA bade the season go on, anyway. And Tennessee (2-4) lurched into the No. 1 spot after holding Alabama to 56 points. The Volunteers, so named because of their willingness to cough up the ball, fumbled three times and chipped in with an interception.

A few Akers below, the determined University of Texas at El Austin (2-3) kept its losing streak alive. Former leader Notre Dame (2-4), on the other foot, was a 31-3 winner over the Pentagon's Air Force. It was a shocking day for national security as Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Virginia Military also lost. Luckily, Lafayette (a strong ally) triumphed.

The Rankings:

Team, Record Last Loss Next Loss 1. Tennessee (2-4) 28-56, Alabama Ga. Tech 2. Texas (2-3) 14-21,Arkansas SMU 3. Syracuse (1-5) 3-42, Penn St. Temple 4. Purdue (1-5) 11-39, Ohio State Mich. State 5. Colgate (0-6)* 39-40, Bucknell Fluoride U. 6. S. Carolina(1-4-1) Idle E. Carolina 7. B.Bosworth (0-2) General Motors Orange hair 8. (Tie) USC (4-2) 20-29, Ariz. State** Stanford Columbia (0-5) 0-47, Yale Colgate 10. Pentagon(16-28)*** Air,land,sea Classified

11. University of Nevada at Circus Circus (3-3); 12. Florida (3-4); 13. BYU (4-2); 14. Houston (1-5); 15. Baylor (4-3); 16. Georgia Tech (2-3-1); 17. Duke (3-3); 18. Illinois (2-4); 19. Maryland (3-3); 20. Notre Dame (2-4).

*Should never have shed Invisible Shield defense.

**Still unclear how Arizona State will blow Rose Bowl bid this year.

***Encompasses Army, Navy, Air Force, Virginia Military, Citadel, Coast Guard and Cal (whose Lawrence Livermore Laboratory is under contract to Pentagon).

ROUT OF THE WEEK: Stanford (5-1) over USC (4-2).

CRUMMY GAME OF THE WEEK: Tennessee (2-4) at Georgia Tech (2-3-1). THE PROS

First, Bay (Green) Coach Forrest Gregg wants to do away with instant replays. Now, San Diego fans want to abolish live action. With the Chargers in the throes, not to mention, throws, of a six-game losing streak, you can't blame them.

But things look a bit brighter for Bay (Green) (1-6) now that the Packers have their first victory. They've also impressed potential draft choice Vinny Testaverde, the Miami (Fla.) quarterback star, with their promise to dome over their stadium, as well as the rest of the city, if he'll sign with them.

Latest player to make "Bottom Ten Highlights," the new cable hit on station WRST (Flushing Meadows, N.Y.), was the Raiders' Ray Guy, who demonstrated his versatility by downing his own punt after it had floated seven yards.

The Rankings:

Team, Record Last Loss Next Loss 1. San Diego (1-6) 41-42, Kansas City Philadelphia 2. Indy (0-7) 13-24, Buffalo (OT*) Miami (Fla.) 3. Miami (Fla.) (2-5) 28-30, L. Raiders Indy 4. McMahon (0-1) Flutie issue Stay tuned 5. Houston (1-6) 28-31, Cincy L. Raiders

6. Pitt (1-6); 7. (Tie) Bays (Tampa, 1-6; Green, 1-6; Buffalo, 2-5); 10. L.A. Lamb offense (22 net yards passing vs. Detroit).

*OT (Offense Terrible) for Indianapolis.

CRUMMY GAME OF THE WEEK: Miami (Fla.) (2-5) at Indianapolis (Md.) (0-7).

SPECIAL CITATION: How bad are things going for Philadelphia (2-5)? Associated Press sent out a dispatch on the Beagles last week that was labeled as a "college football" story.

MORE FROM THOSE DIRTY RAIDERS: Greg Townsend denies he kicked a Kansas City player in the head, terming it nothing more than a "foot slap."

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