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Proposition 61: Salary Limits

October 25, 1986

This letter is directed at those people who think all government employees are bureaucrats (Letters, Oct. 15).

In Los Angeles if you need a bone marrow transplant or other state-of-the-art treatment, you go to UCLA. (To be treated by a bureaucrat?)

If someone you love is in a serious accident they are taken to a regional trauma center, many of which are state hospitals. (Run by bureaucrats?)

First-line research is done in most state universities (Conducted by bureaucrats?)

These "bureaucrats" who are saving our lives and ensuring our healthy future are worth their weight in gold. Limiting their salaries will force them to go elsewhere, most likely out of state, where their contributions are appreciated and paid for.

Limiting salaries of some less vital bureaucrats is desirable, but Proposition 61 throws the baby out with the bath water.



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