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Editorial on Fireworks Ban

October 26, 1986

We share the common concern over fireworks safety expressed in your editorial "Vote Yes to Ban Fireworks" (Oct. 23). However, we strongly disagree with the conclusions and feel that much of the information you present is misleading.

The term "safe and sane fireworks" refers to non-explosive, non-aerial fireworks. Used properly under adult supervision, they do not possess the "inherent threat of injury, death, and property damage" alleged in your editorial.

Perhaps illegal fireworks that explode or rocket into the sky do possess these hazards, and the legitimate California fireworks industry and community organizations who sell fireworks are strongly opposed to the sale and use of dangerous devices.

But banning fountains and other state-approved items is a Scrooge-like action that does not address the serious problems associated with illegal fireworks and misuse of fireworks.

Your editorial mentions fire statistics for 1985 and 1986 as support for a ban on "safe and sane" fireworks. According to the Orange County Fire Department, over 97% of the property damage for this period was caused by already-banned illegal items.

Also, you cite the tragic apartment complex fire from last July 4th as a "lest Anaheim voters forget" incident. But the fire record clearly shows that the fire was caused by a rocket--an illegal firework! Prohibition will only lead to an increase in the bootlegging and misuse of dangerous fireworks.

The loser, if prohibition is adopted, will be the Anaheim family who wants to have a backyard celebration to commemorate and celebrate the Fourth of July. Isn't it better to have community groups selling fireworks to these families that have been carefully checked and regulated by both the federal government and the California state fire marshal?

We urge that Anaheim citizens vote "No" onMeasure A.


California Pyrotechnics Assn.


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