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Backlog of Fan Mail

October 26, 1986

I read Times staff writer Lynn Smith's article of Sept. 15 regarding her daughter, Amanda, sending Soleil Moon Frye (TV's Punky Brewster) a letter and still waiting anxiously for a reply.

I have talked with Sondra Peluce Frye (Soleil's mother) regarding this matter and her concern with the fan mail sent to Soleil.

The mail is not given to a fan-club service; each item is given special attention. They have just finished answering letters from the months of January through May. NBC has recently sent over eight more sacks containing 35,000 letters from the period of June through August.

"By handling the letters on a personal basis we can give special attention to the terminally ill children, children with serious problems and for special requests," says Mrs. Frye. "The letters do take time, but they are all eventually answered."

For those of you wondering when "Punky Brewster" will be on the air again--the series goes into production this November and will air in the fall of '87 syndication.

We hope to see you there.



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