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Parking Solution Is Only a Bandage

October 26, 1986

In reference to the article on Venice parking (Westside section, Oct. 16), the residents of the north beach area, though slightly relieved by the solution to the problem, i.e., Rose Avenue beach lot for $55 per month, we are still not satisfied.

Other beach communities supply parking for their residents at substantially lower rates. Santa Monica is $10 per month. Hermosa Beach is $20 to $30 per month.

The privilege of parking on the beach lot, I realize, is compounded by the contractor of the lot and the free enterprise system we have.

Word of mouth has it that the county pays more than $100,000 a year to repair and replace the mechanical device and the wooden gate arms at the Rose Avenue lot alone. To me, this sounds costly and unnecessary.

Take a couple of people off the welfare roll and give them a job as gate guards. This would stop the cause of the expense, and the remaining savings could be passed along to the residents of the community.

We also must realize that the solution offered so far is only a bandage on a gaping wound. The parking problem will not go away until some binding steps are taken. Now, it is semi-covered, only to be re-exposed when summer arrives.

Let's keep up the drive, so that our well-oiled, slow-moving, unpredictable political machine arrives at a reasonable solution before we orphans in Venice are put out on the streets.


President, Venice Civic Union

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