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Villainy Fun For 'World's' Considine

October 27, 1986|NANCY M. REICHARDT

NEW YORK — John Considine's "Another World" character, Reginald (the Vulture) Love, is one of the meanest villains to come down the soap-opera pike in years.

Reginald has it in for everyone who crosses his path, including his son, Peter, and his daughter, Donna (played by Marcus Smythe and Anna Stuart).

"In every script there is a new revelation of horror about Reginald," says Considine. "It gives you a weird feeling to walk onto the set every day knowing that every one (of the characters) in the entire cast hates you."

This isn't Considine's first experience playing a "meanie." In fact, he says, "I don't know when it all began happening, but playing a villain is primarily what I do now." Considine has also portrayed the bad guy in the films "Welcome to L.A." and "The Late Show."

Considine has appeared on "Another World" before: From 1974 through 1976, he portrayed lawyer Vic Hastings.

"Vic was so good it was disgusting," he laughs. "The character was 'Mr. Integrity.' I was bored to death with Vic because I knew exactly what he'd do in every situation--always the 'right thing.' It's fun getting up in the morning to play Reginald."

Portraying a character like Reginald can be draining on an actor's psyche, as well as his personal life, but Considine says that's not a problem for him. "I naturally have the energy in me all the time to play a character like Reginald. But at the end of the work day I start winding down while I'm riding the train to my home in Connecticut."

Unlike Reginald, Considine has a good relationship with his family, which includes Astrid, his wife of two years; her children and his two sons from his first marriage.

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