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Auto Club's Plea for Freeways

October 29, 1986

So the Automobile Club of Southern California is at it again--trying to convince the public to pay for paving all of Southern California for freeways.

Despite overwhelming evidence that it is less expensive and more ecologically beneficial to move people instead of cars the Auto Club is returning to its shortsighted views.

Many people don't know that plans were formulated in the 1940s to put rapid transit rails in the center divider of freeways, a very low-cost method if done at the time of construction.

But opposition by the Auto Club killed this proposal, which would have solved many of the traffic problems we now have.

Nowadays rails in freeway dividers is a preferred method as witness the Century Freeway and operating lines in Chicago, San Francisco, and other areas.

Additional freeways won't solve the problems, they haven't so far. Rail rapid transit is the proven answer.


King City

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