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Morning Briefing

Bears Can't Wait for Another Shot at Eric Dickerson

October 29, 1986

Eric Dickerson netted 170 yards last Sunday, but Chicago linebacker Otis Wilson can't wait to take his shots at the NFL's leading rusher when the Bears meet the Rams next Monday night.

"Eric doesn't like to play against us 'cause we tattoo him," Wilson said. "He doesn't like to get hit. We pounded him in the playoffs, held him to 49 yards, remember?

"We plan on stopping him again this year."

Philadelphia Eagle safety Andre Waters picked up his second 15-yard penalty of the season for a late hit Sunday, and Coach Buddy Ryan warned him it better not happen again.

And if it does?

"I told him I'd knock his teeth out," Ryan said.

Do the Pittsburgh Steelers play dirty football?

The Cincinnati Bengals didn't put it in so many words, but quarterback Boomer Esiason had this to say after Sunday's 30-9 beating: "Football is a rough game, but some of their guys are stretching it beyond the realm of civilization."

Said receiver Cris Collinsworth: "You wouldn't want to line up and play these guys every week of the season. You'd have to adopt your own wing in a hospital."

Add Steelers: From The Sporting News: "Asked his favorite color in a questionnaire by the Pittsburgh Press, defensive end Darryl Smith wrote 'tweed.' "

Trivia Time: What is former University of Oregon running back Bobby Moore doing these days? (Answer in second column.)

Yes, Ron Darling was nervous before the World Series but nothing like the first time he pitched for the New York Mets in 1983.

"It was against the Phillies," he said. "The first three batters were Joe Morgan, Pete Rose and Mike Schmidt."

Among them, they had won five National League MVP awards.

"Don't ask me how, but somehow I got all three out," Darling said.

Clip and Save: Said Nebraska sophomore defensive end Broderick Thomas, after the 20-10 upset by Colorado: "I promise as long as I play at Nebraska, Colorado will never, ever beat us again. I raise my right hand and promise you that they will never beat us again as long as I'm with Nebraska."

From Todd Phipers of the Denver Post: "That distant groan you heard Saturday was from the Orange Bowl executive committee, contemplating the fact that a 7-4 Colorado team could wind up in Miami on New Year's night. Keep 'em shaking, Buffs."

Said Ram Coach John Robinson, when asked how he handles questions from radio or television broadcasters that he feels are silly or inappropriate: "I give them one of those rambling, seven-minute answers so they can't use any of it."

Trivia Answer: Moore, who changed his name to Ahmad Rashad, is an announcer for NBC-TV.


University of Dayton basketball Coach Don Donoher, who has a 399-225 record, asked when he thought he would get his 400th win: "Well, if we don't get it this season, we won't have to worry about doing this interview next year."

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