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3-Part Profile of Long Beach Today on this page is the first of three Community Profiles on the City of Long Beach, part of a series of graphic features on the cities covered by the Long Beach/Southeast editions of the Times. The politics of Long Beach, including background on a ballot question to be decided by voters Tuesday, is the subject of the first profile. Along with names, phone numbers and statistics provided in previous profiles, the Long Beach political profile includes figures on voter registration and phone numbers for some of the political groups active in the city. In the following two weeks, the Community Profiles will be devoted to the cultural and recreational attractions of this city of more than 391,000.

October 30, 1986


Mayoral Debate For most of its 98 years, Long Beach has been governed by a part-time City Council but run day-to-day by a professional city manager. Council members were elected citywide until 1976, when district elections were imposed. That, arguably, gave a stronger voice to the city's many distinct neighborhoods. But during the last decade, a number of business and community leaders have seen a need for a leader elected citywide. In spring, 1986, a city task force recommended creation of a full-time mayoralty, rather than the current ceremonial mayor, who is picked from among the council members. That proposal could be the first step toward a full-time council and mayor, and a movement away from present "strong manager" form of government. Opponents say the changes are costly and unnecessary. Voters will decide in November.

CITY SERVICES City Hall 590-6555

333 W. Ocean Blvd.

Police (business) 435-6711

400 W. Broadway

Fire (business) 436-2219

400 W. Broadway, No. 261

Post Office 494-2300

2300 Redondo Ave.

Main Library 437-2949

101 Pacific Ave.

In Emergency, Dial 911 GOVERNMENT City Council: Ernie Kell, District 5 (mayor); Edd Tuttle, District 8 (vice mayor); Evan Anderson Braude, District 1; Wallace Edgerton, District 2; Jan Hall, District 3; Thomas J. Clark, District 4; Clarence Smith, District 6; Ray Grabinski, District 7, Warren Harwood, District 9.

City Manager: John Dever

Fire Chief: James B. Souders

Police Chief: Charles B. Ussery

AREA LAWMAKERS Congress: Glenn M. Anderson, Democrat, 32nd District; 300 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach 90801; (213) 437-7665

Congress: Daniel E. Lungren, Republican, 42nd District; 555 E. Ocean Blvd., No. 505, Long Beach 90802; (213) 436-9133

State Assembly: Dave Elder, Democrat, 57th District; 245 W. Broadway, No. 300, Long Beach 90802; (213) 590-5009

State Assembly: Dennis Brown, Republican, 58th District; 1945 Palo Verde Ave., No. 203, Long Beach 90815; (213) 493-5514

State Senate: Robert G. Beverly, Republican, District 29; 1611 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., No. 102, Redondo Beach 90277; (213) 540-1611

State Senate: Ralph C. Dills, Democrat, 30th District; 16921 S. Western Ave., No. 201, Gardena 90247; (213) 324-4969

County Supervisor: Deane Dana, District 4; Hall of Administration, 500 W. Temple St., No. 822, Los Angeles 90012; (213) 974-4444

STATISTICS Population: 391,250

Area: 49.80 square miles

Incorporation: Jan. 30, 1888

Median household income: $20,147

Median age: 33.2 years

Voter registration: (total registered, 176,584); Democrat, 91,146 (51.6%); Republican, 66,998 (37.9%); American Independent, 2,170 (1.2%); Peace and Freedom, 1,001 (0.6%); Libertarian, 856 (0.5%); declined to state, 14,193 (8.0%); miscellaneous 220 (0.1%) (source: county registrar of voters)

Race: white, 70.5%; Latino, 14.0%; black, 14.7%; other, 14.8%

(Total is more than 100% because racial/ethnic breakdowns overlap) POLITICAL GROUPS Downtown L.B. Associates: 436-4259

LAMBDA Democratic Club: 438-1234

L. B. Area Citizens Involved: 439-7271

NAACP, local chapter: 599-3320

Statistics: Donnelley Demographics (1985 estimates) Map shows council district boundaries as of October.

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