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Proposition 61: State Salary Limits

November 01, 1986

In all the discussion of the devastating effect Proposition 61 would have on government and education in California, very little attention has been paid to its potential harmful impact on Los Angeles County government.

County Chief Administrative Officer James C. Hankla has estimated that the proposition could cost the county as much as $401.6 million, a cost that could only be financed by severely cutting back on services. That's a worst-case scenario that would result if vacation time and sick leave that county employees have accumulated but not used has to be "bought back" because of the proposition's prohibition on carrying over such unused leave from year to year.

Even if that worst case were not to come about, passage of Proposition 61 would still mean serious disruption in services because of its cap on salaries and its restrictions on contracts with the private sector.


Beverly Hills



Borash is action director and Trotter is president of the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles County.

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