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Top Officers Replaced in N.Y. Police Precinct Scandal

November 01, 1986|Associated Press

NEW YORK — The top officers of a scandal-scarred police precinct were replaced Friday in a shake-up that went through the ranks from sergeants up to a borough commander.

Police Commissioner Benjamin Ward said at a news conference that the transfers were neither punitive nor disciplinary.

"My primary concern is restoring confidence in the community," Ward said. "My secondary concern is to move these people who are not the targets of investigations into other commands."

A shake-up had been expected since the department suspended one sergeant and 12 patrol officers amid allegations that some of the 77th Precinct's 220 officers stole money and narcotics from drug dealers.

Ward said he hopes the reassignments will "remove the onus that has been placed on the integrity of those who had no involvement in the misconduct."

But Sgt. Joe Toal, a vice president of the sergeant's union, said: "Of course it's some kind of disciplinary action. Everybody's being painted with the same brush here. People are going to have a problem explaining it to friends and neighbors."

In the borough of Brooklyn, 10 officers from the rank of deputy inspector to assistant chief were moved from various commands. In the 77th Precinct itself, two captains, seven lieutenants and 14 sergeants were reassigned.

The precinct commander, Capt. Ralph Dumond, who took over the 77th after investigation of the wrongdoing began, was given what Ward called an important Manhattan command, the 28th Precinct.

Dumond refused to comment on the move.

The present commander of the 28th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Philip G. Sheridan, replaces Dumond in the 77th.

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