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California Elections : Deukmejian's Message for Halloween: Democrats Are Trying to 'Trick' the Voters

November 01, 1986|RICHARD C. PADDOCK | Times Staff Writer

SANTA ROSA, Calif. — Likening Democratic candidates to children in costume on Halloween, Gov. George Deukmejian said Friday that his adversaries are trying to "trick" the voters into electing them so they can "treat" the government to more spending.

"As you know, today is Halloween," the Republican governor told reporters at Sonoma County Airport. "I think it must be the Democrats' favorite day of the year because they are all running, doing some trick or treating. I think they're trying to trick the voters so they can treat the government to more of your tax money."

Deukmejian brought his campaign to the little airport near Santa Rosa to promote two Republican candidates in tough races, Assembly hopeful Bev Hansen and Senate candidate Dick Brann.

Low-Key Campaigning

Holding a strong lead in the polls four days before the election, Deukmejian continued his low-key style of campaigning by staging only two public events.

For the third day in a row, he addressed senior citizens at a Leisure World retirement community--this time in Walnut Creek east of San Francisco. Then he flew to the airport near Santa Rosa for a brief press conference.

Deukmejian's only disguise for Halloween was a hoarse and gravelly voice that was brought on, he said, by a cold.

"I picked it up at the wrong time--toward the very end of the campaign," he said.

As he has during much of the fall campaign, Deukmejian stressed the importance of electing Republicans to the sate Legislature to wrest control from the Democratic majority that has hampered his ability to win approval of his own proposals.

Help From Willie Brown

Hansen, a former legislative aide, is locked in a tight race with Democratic candidate Mary Jadiker, a local activist who is receiving ample outside help of her own from Assembly Speaker Willie Brown (D-San Francisco). Two years ago, without any help from Brown, Jadiker nearly unseated Assemblyman Don A. Sebastiani (R-Sonoma), who stepped down this year to run for state controller.

Brann, a Solano County supervisor, is seeking to oust Senate Majority Leader Barry Keene (D-Benicia) by attempting to make the election of state Chief Justice Rose Elizabeth Bird a major issue in the district and by focusing on Keene's voting record on anti-crime legislation.

Deukmejian, who flew to the airport in a private jet loaned by a supporter, was joined by Hansen and Brann for a noisy press conference near the runway. "I am looking forward to having them working with me in Sacramento so that we can carry forward with our programs and our policies," Deukmejian told reporters and a group of about 50 supporters who turned out for his visit. "I know that they share our beliefs. I know that they share our agenda of opportunity for Californians."

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