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No Response From Mills

November 02, 1986

If David Johnston had not done his investigation of "The Underground Empire," my faith in The Times' Book Review would have been badly shaken. I purchased the book, which was advertised in another publication, a month or two before and on the reputation of the publisher, I took it home without my usual skimming. That I was snookered does not sit well, as you can imagine.

I realized I had bought a book without an index. This, to my untrained eye, seemed strange. The question that kept popping into my mind as I read was: Who in the DEA or the FBI would take James Mills into his confidence in an ongoing investigation of such a sensitive subject?

I wrote to Mills, in care of Doubleday. Now I know why he failed to answer. Jack Miles' article answered that. I thank you.

DON AFRIAT, member

Calif. Assn. of

Licensed Investigators

World Assn. of Detectives

Canoga Park

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