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Revolting Youth

November 02, 1986

Mike Curb is getting heaps of credit for those unforgettable biker flicks and sound-track LPs that he wrote or produced in the '60s. But everybody's overlooking one of his major cultural contributions--LP liner notes!

Take his now-famous "Teenage Rebellion" album, with classic Curb cuts like "Pot Party," "The Gay Teenager" and "Orgy Around the World." Here are some excerpts from liner comments by the ex-Lt. Gov. (and hopeful again):

\o7 "Not satisfied with the world they have been born into, teenagers are no longer content to sit by and wait for things to happen. Unafraid, they group together in clubs, political parties and even mobs, and make themselves heard. . . .

"Ban the bomb! Make love not war! Freedom for four-letter words! Fighting for big changes or little changes, the teenager is revolting against society. . . .

"Many try to pretend that teenage pregnancy, narcotic addiction, LSD, homosexuality and prostitution do not affect young people. However, these subjects are common knowledge to teenagers. The world is in a moral transition and ethics are not clearly defined. The teenage rebellion is nothing more than a stage that everyone passes through before the adult rebellion sets in."

Signed: Mike Curb.\f7

And on the "The Wild Angels" album (Curb produced the LP and arranged and conducted the music), he's described as an "opulently gifted 20-year-old."

But those are uncredited.

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