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Fear Of Colorizing

November 02, 1986

Caution: The following letters have been colorized. Do not read without using special safety glasses.

I cringed at Ted Turner's arrogance, and his plans to colorize hundreds of films, including "Casablanca" and "The Maltese Falcon" ("Turner Defends Move to Colorize Films," by John Voland, Oct. 23).

Turner demeans the value of the art that he owns; obviously he has no appreciation for these works.

Even if colorization becomes technically perfect (which it is not) the practitioners of this abominable "craft" ruin historic works, intended when filmed to be viewed in black and white.

I do not know what others will do, but I will tune out on broadcasts of colorized films, I will not rent or purchase video cassettes of them and I will not attend theaters showing them.

I hope that I am not alone, and that advertisers will take notice. Apparently they are the only ones that Turner listens to.



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