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Clip Job

November 02, 1986

Regarding the Outtakes item about the new biography on Linda Evans (by Peter H. Brown and James Pinkston, Oct. 26), let me make the following comments:

If our meeting on the set of "Ozzie and Harriet" and announcing our engagement at a "Leave It to Beaver" Christmas cast party constitutes a sordid relationship, then the years 1961-62 were a lot wilder than I remember.

What I do remember was--and still is--one of the most loving and caring people I have ever met. Linda and I were two very young kids from similar backgrounds living in the Valley. We met, laughed, loved and went our separate ways. Our relationship mirrored those times, good and bad.

British writer Michael Freedland has done nothing more than a "clip job," gathering bits and pieces from his files and assembling them. He never contacted me or anyone else that I know of concerning Linda.

Finally, to once again try to put to rest the story that I was a "Hot Shot" publicist, it just isn't so. In 1961, I, along with Jay Bernstein, worked as an office boy during the summer at a large public relations company. Jay's success speaks for itself, and I'll let my films as a producer speak for me.

Freedland's book was a complete failure in England, selling less than 4,000 copies. I hope this speaks loudly to the American public as to his success.


Beverly Hills

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