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Letters : More Pay for Teachers

November 02, 1986

I am a single, female teacher in Saddleback Valley School District. I make close to $30,000 and have been teaching more than 16 years.

My college girlfriends who are also single are making twice the amount of money that I am making. One is a physical therapist, another sells advertising for the Yellow Pages and another sells advertising for a radio station. Each owns her own house, travels frequently an is able to live comfortably.

I enjoy teaching and spend a lot of time outside the classroom grading papers, planning lessons, advising the student council and consulting with parents and children. Building up our next generation is an awesome and important task.

Most people marvel at what we do and sympathize with how little we get. Something should be done.

Some people say, "Why go into teaching if you knew the money wasn't there?" I didn't know it was so disproportionate, and the gap has widened in the last 15 years. My rent has quadrupled, yet my pay has only doubled,and I am near the top of the scale.

I budget myself, have always rented and do not go on trips. I cannot fathom how a family of four can survive on a teacher's salary.

It is time for a substantial increase in teachers' salaries. Take a look at the records. Saddleback schools are tops. But teachers are getting frustrated. We need to be compensated for our outstanding effort. Please support teachers at Tuesday's board meeting, and in the future.


Corona del Mar

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