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Letters : The 'Tree Initiative'

November 02, 1986

Measure F, the "Tree Initiative" that is before the voters of San Clemente on Tuesday, is really a Pandora's Box--full of problems.

It embodies a philosophy of governmental intrusion into private lives and control of private property. In addition to encouraging confrontation, it would actually extend a controversy, with the government becoming a party to a "disagreement" between citizens over a private property matter.

By its own terms, Measure F automatically declares a tree to be a "public nuisance" whenever someone complains. That's all it takes. It's an indiscriminate "shotgun" approach.

Measure F applies to literally thousands of trees. Every privately owned tree that is greater than rooftop or 15 feet in height is a potential target.

It is ambiguous and inconsistent in many ways. In all probability it would lead to litigation.

San Clemente residents have consistently shown good judgment in voting on ballot measures. It would be well worth looking past the surface and consider the real consequences of Measure F when voting Tuesday.


City Council Member

San Clemente

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