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Hoffman Firm Establishes Scholarship

November 02, 1986

A $5,000, four-year college scholarship for Southern California high school students seeking careers in journalism and public relations has been established by Clive Hoffman Associates Inc., a West Los Angeles real estate-oriented public relations firm.

While the the annual scholarship, co-sponsored by the Greater Los Angeles Press Club, is open to all seniors, the program is especially directed to attracting minority or financially disadvantaged applicants. Larry Attebery of KTTV, club president, said there is no other program of this scope available in the Southland.

"Less than 5% of all working journalists are from minority groups," said Clive Hoffman, principal of the firm. "The public relations field also is limited by the number of minorities, which is unfortunate in a profession which needs more diversification."

Instead of a party to celebrate 25 years in public and community relations, Hoffman said he and his wife, Carol, decided to establish the Hoffman Media Scholarship and put the money "to much better use."

Having moved here from South Africa, "where I spent my youth, I know firsthand the frustrations of minorities who are gifted but never get a chance at success. This scholarship is a small way to make the opportunity possible in Southern California," he said.

Details are availble from Southland high school journalism teachers through the assistance of the Los Angeles Unified School District's Journalism Educators' Assn. and the Press Club.

Applicants must present a written recommendation from their counselor or journalism instructor, submit a written statement indicating reasons for wanting to pursue a media career and a published feature-length article on a current socio-economic, political or cultural issue dealing with race or human relations in Southern California. Those materials, along with a biography and photograph, must be submitted prior to Dec. 15 to the Press Club.

Winners of the initial scholarship and a $250 consolation prize to the runner-up will be selected by a panel composed of Attebery, Jake Jacobs, KNX Radio; Cecilia Ochoa, president of the Filipino-American Press Club and contributing editor of the Philippine-American News; Laura Meyers, contributing editor of Los Angeles Magazine; Richard Tyler, president of the Public Relations Society of America, Los Angeles chapter, and vice president of Ayer Public Relations, and Dick Turpin, Los Angeles Times real estate editor.

To maintain eligibility, for the $1,250-per-year scholarship, the recipient must remain continuously enrolled as a full-time student in good standing at an accredited four-year college or university.

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