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Proposition U: Growth Limits

November 03, 1986

I do not expect to agree with every Times editorial position, but I do expect a well-reasoned and logical point of view from such an influential newspaper. Obviously, I expect too much.

Your editorial urged voters to reject Proposition U, which, in your own words, gives Los Angeles "a fighting chance to grow gracefully." You propose, instead, that we trust the City Council to carry out the objectives of Proposition U.

What kind of schizophrenia is this?

In the very same editorial you remind the voters that this City Council has a "record of rolling out red carpets for developers."

Now, as the voters are about to make their choice, you make the amazing recommendation that they reject what they themselves have wrought, and comfort them with the reminder that, if the council should fail to do what must be done to improve and enhance the quality of life in this remarkable city, the council can be kept from "backsliding" by the threat of another initiative.




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