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Orange County Player of the Week : Miscione Just Wanted to Relax; Record Was a Bonus

November 05, 1986|BARBIE LUDOVISE

Mike Miscione of Esperanza High School decided to change his attitude before last Friday's game against El Dorado. No more intense preparation. He played just to have a good time.

And what a time he had.

Miscione, The Times' Player of the Week, rushed for 348 yards and 4 touchdowns, the second-best single-game total ever in Orange County. Jim Gleed gained 418 yards for Dana Hills against Laguna Hills in 1979. Miscione's performance also broke Esperanza's school record of 255 yards set by Jim Farrell in 1984.

"I used to get myself so hyped up, so intense, (before a game), that I'd make myself sick," said Miscione, a senior tailback. "But before this game, I realized there wasn't really a purpose for it. I mean, I could get hurt and not get anything for it. So I said I was just going to go out and have fun."

Aztec Coach Gary Meek said he didn't notice a change in Miscione's attitude, but knew he wanted to break the single-game rushing record.

"When Mike came in at the half, he asked me if he could get the school record," Meek said. "I told him, don't worry, you'll get it. He was over 250 by halftime anyway."

Miscione got some unusual assistance from his teammates.

Toby Kirschke, an offensive tackle, gave Miscione help with directions during a 43-yard run for his third touchdown.

"It was weird," Miscione said. "I've never heard them (offensive linemen) actually say anything to me during a play. He (Kirschke) was in front of me and all of a sudden he yells: 'Cut back, cut back!' I did just as he hit the only guy who could have caught me. I never would have seen him."

Mike Miscione

Esperanza High School

Position: Tailback.

Height, Class: 6-1, 185, Senior.

Last Week: Miscione rushed for 348 yards and 4 touchdowns in 24 carries in a 49-24 victory over El Dorado.

Season: Miscione has rushed for more than 100 yards in seven out of eight games, for a total of 1,210 yards and 11 touchdowns.

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