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Afghan Officials Assault Rebels in U.N. Building

November 06, 1986|Associated Press

UNITED NATIONS — Afghan diplomats assaulted members of a visiting group of anti-government rebels at the United Nations today in an unsuccessful effort to block a news conference.

Mansoor Suhail, press attache of Pakistan's U.N. Mission, said three Afghan diplomats he recognized and a fourth man with them attacked two visiting rebels as they stepped off an escalator on the third floor of U.N. headquarters.

"They just pounced on them and began punching and shoving," said Suhail, who was accompanying the two members of the anti-government Islamic Union of Afghanistan Mujahedeen.

The visitors retreated to the fourth floor. When they returned and tried to reach the clubroom of the U.N. Correspondents' Assn., they were again met by the representatives of the pro-Soviet government in Kabul.

The two visitors yelled, "They are the KGB."

"Get out, bandits," one of the Afghan diplomats shouted back.

A new scuffle broke out. U.N. security guards then arrived and separated the combatants, escorting the Mujahedeen visitors to a lower floor.

Meanwhile, one of the Afghan diplomats took up a position in front of the clubroom door and tried to prevent reporters from entering. He retreated when more security guards arrived.

Abdul Qadir Karyab, one of the rebels, told the delayed news conference, "This proves the righteousness of our just struggle. Even in the United Nations building they do not spare attacking us."

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